Psychophysics toolbox and Tobii eye trackers

My colleague Estefania Dominguez has some really great software to help with getting up and running with Tobii’s eye trackers using matlab & the psychophysics toolbox (and also some details on syncing equipment in particular EEG).

The Tobii 3.0 SDK includes a good base for programming in C++, Python, .NET and Matlab. However, the SDK does not have any examples of getting eye tracking calibrations or streaming data with Matlab working with the Psychophysics Toolbox 3.0.  Since this combination is fairly popular among vision & behavioral researchers using matlab, Estefania made some helpful tools to share. Since joining Tobii, I’ve modified her tools and have them here for download:

Tobii Eye Tracker SDK and Psychophysics Toolbox Integration

I’ve fixed a couple small visualization bugs, modified a bit of the visuals (adding some more verbose output, a direct display of and return values for mean & standard dev. for calibration error on each point), and altered a bit of the code structure to make it a little cleaner to read (at least for me).