Choosing Python Package Distributions

I recently updated an old post on using Tobii trackers with PsychoPy as I’ve started digging into python again.  Since that last post things have changed a bit on the scene. If you are new to python you typically have the option of download python, and individually installing libraries as needed manually or via a package manager. Because there can be many headaches with this approach for the unfamiliar, there have been 3 popular ways to provide users with a complete all-in-one python package (e.g. python command console, popular libraries, and an IDE).  Three popular ones include Enthought, Python(x,y), and Anaconda. Previously, I have recommended Python(x,y), and still do as it’s quite useful. That being said I was looking into IPython’s website recently to see that their recommended setup for the most recent version of their interactive command line is via Anaconda and I’m trying it out for the time being. Python(x,y,) as of this post has not been updated in over a year, whereas Anaconda appears to be growing in popularity as well as provides 32-bit & 64-bit and Python 2.7 & 3.5 versions. While quite similar in many ways (similar libraries, both provide Spyder & IPython) it appears Anaconda may be the way to go (at least when you want something quick, pre-packaged and intended to avoid the depths of dependency hell)


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